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What's New in Zephir (VI)

14 November 2014

Last weeks many improvements have been added to Zephir. We have nailed down a concrete list of features and are hard at work on implementing them. Zephir has gone through a long evolution....

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What's New in Zephir (V)

13 February 2014

These last weeks a lot of bugs have been fixed and new exciting features have been added to Zephir. Additionally, the core has been improved by adding namespaces, an autoloader, composer support and adopting PSR2 as coding standard...

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What's New in Zephir (IV)

24 January 2014

This is our first post from the `What's New in Zephir` series after Zephir v0.3.0 was released and we have great improvements to share with you. Bitwise Operators...

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Installing & Testing Zephir on Vagrant

18 January 2014

Vagrant is an excellent tool you can use to create and deploy a linux-based development environment for your applications. In this tutorial, we are going to explain how to set it up for Zephir.

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