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Zephir 0.12.16 Released

16 January 2020

Fixes related to project configuration, internal cache as well as IDE stubs.


  • Do not dump config file if config was changed. Usually we need dump configuration exactly once - at project initialization. There are no needs to dump it for every config change. Also, this patch removes Config::$changed variable that is no longer needed #2035
  • Use a different path for the Kernel cache if possible. This patch fixes a cache collision issue. The issue is after creating the cache and filling it with a project-specific configuration, there is no way to invalidate it. Any next project will use the same Kernel cache and the same Kernel configuration (if any) #2036
  • Fixed -V CLI flag purpose. Initially it was designed to disable verbose mode on the fly, e.g. to override project configuration for a single Zephir pass. This behavior was returned back
  • Fix increment array elements operation #2020
  • Fixed compound addition and subtraction assignment operators for static properties #2038