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Zephir 0.12.9 Released

14 October 2019

New Zephir released


  • Added a single hyphen version of dumpversion option (just -dumpversion)
  • Added --vernum option to print compiler version as integer


  • Create local .zephir only when necessary
  • Fixed IDE stubs generation #1778
  • Fixed segfault on cast IS_UNDEF to array #1941
  • Disables some regression changes introduced in the version 0.12.5 #1941 (comment)
  • Fixed memory leak on update array #1937
  • Fixed IDE stubs generation for classes that extends base classes #1907
  • Proper escape slashes in strings #1495


  • Print warning during the code generation if the timecop extension was detected #1950
  • Improved error handling to not print PHP stack traces if ZEPHIR_DEBUG is not set


  • Removed no longer used zephir_dtor macro